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Use a Real Estate Agent To Find an Apartment In Toronto

Here at – we help you get in touch with Real Estate Agents who can help you find a rental unit. 


Whether a condo downtown, basement in the burbs or a duplex near a subway stop – our professionals will fight for you and find your next home quickly and for zero extra cost

I know you're asking...

Why Should I use an agent to rent?

Zero Obligation

Talk to one of our network of preferred agents. No pressure. If you don't like him/her, don't use them, it's that simple. All we do is connect you to ONE agent. No spam or anything like that from us.

It doesn't cost you anything

We're completely free for you (agents pay us a small fee), and in most situations agents are free for you to use to rent. Win-Win-Win.

We like you

And we want to see you succeed. Using an agent takes away stress from the search, gives you better negotiating power, and opens up more units for you. Win-win-win again.

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We can help you all across the GTA

We have Real Estate Agents standing by, ready to help you find a new apartment in every part of the city and GTA, such as

The market is tougher out there then it has been for years. Rising interest rates, rising rents, rising grocery costs, it goes on and on...

So if you're looking for a new apartment in Toronto or the GTA, we want to make things a little bit easier for you.

We can connect you with Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agents who focus on rentals. Real Estate Agents who can pull listings for you (especially many that you can't find on Marketplace), negotiate with landlords and other agents for you, walk you through the entire process... all to no cost to yourself! (note if the unit is not listed by a different agent that can differ)

There's literally and honestly no reason why you should have to do all this by yourself, we've created this site so that you can get a bit of assistance, and have an expert help you along this journey

There may be a million reasons why you need a new apartment


Growing Family? Need a spare room? Bigger kitchen? Learn how we can help you to get a bigger space


If you’re a senior, empty nester, or just have too much space, let’s help you find a more suitable place

New to the city

Moving to Toronto? Looking to put down roots in a new city? Whether you’re moving from overseas or from a town or two away, having an agent here can be a lifesaver!

Need a change of scenery

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Whatever that reason is - our network of agents are ready to help you

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